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In a world that feels like it has been turned on its head in 2020, people are evaluating their lives more than ever before.

Each Monday, join Tanya Carroll, long time and widely experienced coach, as she talks with inspiring guests who have struggled with, and come out the other side, of a journey to live their soul purpose.

Episode 1: What is Raw – Heart & Soul?

This is a brief summary of what you can expect when tuning in each week to the Raw – Heart & Soul podcast.

Episode 2: Sean Croxton

Sean Croxton is a money mindset and personal development expert. A former holistic health coach, Sean grew a successful practice using YouTube, podcasting, and social media to attract clients.

As the founder of Underground Wellness, he hosted over 300 health-based interviews on his UW Radio podcast and created 7 popular online health events, including The Digestion Sessions and The Depression Sessions.

In 2015, Sean stepped away from the health industry to pursue his dreams in the personal development space. He is the creator of Money Mind Academy and host of The Quote of The Day Show, the internet’s #1 daily motivational podcast.

Episode 3: Raw – Heart & Soul with Meghann Birks

Meghann Birks is a transformation coach and speaker with nearly two decades of experience. Working one on one and in groups (and soon via online courses!), she uses a wide range of modalities and works intuitively to help her clients live a life guided by joy and purpose. She is particularly fascinated by the role of narratives in shaping our realities, and how we can rewrite the script. She loves working with creatives to help them find their voice and bring their ideas to life. Working with her is not for faint of heart as she will take you DEEP, but loves exploring the depths alongside her clients.

Episode 4: Christopher Jones

Chris Jones lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, Natalie and 3 living children. Their son, Mitchell Jones passed away from heart failure in 2013. He had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a catastrophic muscle wasting disease that is fatal. Prior to his son’s passing, Chris started a Facebook page entitled Mitchell’s Journey which has since gained international attention as both a place for healing and insights on the often-misunderstood world of grief and healing. Most notably, Mitchell’s Journey has become a beacon of hope to many and an invitation for its readers to live a life of significance. In all of his writing and speaking, Chris shares an unparalleled view of a terminal child’s experience through the medical system, then what happens on the other side of medicine, long after a patient is sent home to die.

In all of his writing and speaking, Chris shares an unparalleled view of a terminal child’s experience through the medical system, then what happens on the other side of medicine, long after a patient is sent home to die.

Episode 5: Monica Meldrum

Monica is a successful entrepreneur with a track record of leadership and innovation, and a strong commitment to creating change for the future. With over 15 years’ experience in the health and food industry, Monica has won numerous awards for entrepreneurship and business leadership including being named in Westpac’s Top 100 Women of Influence.

Her business Whole Kids has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of Certified Organic, Additive and Allergen Free snacks for children, the proceeds of which are funding programs to improve social equity for children around the world. Acting from the belief that everyone should have the chance to invest in brands they love, Whole Kids has just launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign that is a first for the industry and gives customers the opportunity to buy shares in the business and receive rewards for coming on the next journey at Whole Kids, to scale the business.

Episode 6: Chris (Chick) Jones

Chris Jones is a sporty minded former chartered accountant from Wales. When he came to Australia he transitioned into becoming a Chek Professional and 15 years ago, with some colleagues opened a physical training studio, Primal Movement on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where he is still practicing today.

Chris is now the sole owner of Primal Movement and is a husband to Nicky and Father of two beautiful children.

Close to three years ago Chris was holidaying with his young family when he was caught in a significant windstorm, where he sustained life threatening injuries when a large tree fell on him. Whilst trapped for two hours under the tree and the subsequent rebuilding of his pelvis and some of his internal organs, Chris found and drew upon his quiet and humble inner strength to not only survive the injuries, but to walk again and return to his family and the job he loves.

This episode of Raw- Heart and Soul is personal and at times I found it difficult to keep my emotions under control. Chris is part of my Chek family, and when the news of his accident came through, I understood just what a serious position he was in. And I worried for his life and his family, and if he survived, how he would recover.

We talk about the methods he instinctively used in order to stay alive until help arrived, the pain and trauma he experienced during and after the accident and how he found the drive to put everything he had into his rehabilitation, when the outcomes where completely unknown.

Please join me in sharing what is an ongoing journey of learning about what I would say is courage, but what I know Chris would disagree and say is, just doing what he had to do.

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