About Tanya Carroll

Tune in For a Different Perspective

Tanya really enjoys bringing the mental health aspect to the forefront of health, and also wants to give her audience the opportunity to hear a different perspective.

The podcast doesn’t just present guests with the same view points, rather it seeks to bring together diverse and often opposing viewpoints. This produces constructive conversation that asks people to step outside their perspective and see it from someone else’s view.

Because that is where the real human growth happens.

The podcast is about the story behind how people uncover and live their soul purpose.

Find out how your spiritual health, and understanding your soul, is an important part of  your holistic health.

About Tanya



Tanya’s Personal Journey

After her first husband passed away as a result of Melanoma Cancer, Tanya wanted to help people avoid the journey he went through, but from a preventative aspect rather than reactive.

She knew there was a better way to look at health than from the standard medical model only and knew she wanted to work in a field that encompassed a more natural healing and holistic approach to both modern medicine and alternative therapies.

Sharing Inspiring Stories

The podcast was started so that guests, with different experiences and from different areas of life and careers, could come together and share their experiences. Some well known and some not so well known.

The common thread is that they have an inspiring story and that they have lived through the ups and downs. The podcast talks about the shadow side of things, the chaos cycles, as well as the good things.

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